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News Items

We will keep you posted of significant announcements relating to leaseholder issues.

The Leaseholders Handbook is available to download from the Information Leaflets section, or Please click here to view a copy...

Legal Obligations

Within the terms of your lease, there are various things that you, as leaseholder, have agreed to do. These agreements are known in legal terms as covenants.

Briefly, these convenants can relate to:


Payment of your rent/service charges


Payment of your council tax


Payment of your mortgage


Repairs to your property


Decoration of your property


Obtaining permission prior to alteration of your property


Obtaining consents to carry out certain activities


Use of the property for residential purposes only


Actions which may be regarded as a nuisance to neighbours


Moving on

By signing your lease you are legally bound to keep these covenants.

Service Charges

Trent & Dove may provide additional services to your home. The cost of providing these services will be apportioned to you.

Some examples of such services are:

  • Window cleaning
  • Laundry — will include all running costs including repairs
  • Communal Lighting
  • Grounds Maintenance

Trent & Dove Housing Limited are responsible for the repair and maintenance of structural parts of the building. Any repairs or maintenance undertaken will be charged to the leaseholder. Costs will be apportioned if the structure is shared with other dwellings.

Some examples are:

  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Floor Joists
  • Roof Timbers
  • Window Frames
  • Rainwater pipes/gutters
  • Stairways
  • Chimney flues
  • Communal areas (Stairways etc)
    and pathways which are not in your leased area
  • Landlords electrical services

Other items of repair/maintenance will include:

  • Painting all usual areas
  • Washing & Drying areas (if applicable)
  • TV aerial and equipment to the block
  • Parking areas if available
  • Maintenance to refuse chutes
  • Drainage unblocking

These will be charged to you if and when the service is provided. Planned painting is undertaken on a five yearly cycle, the charge for which is taken on a pro rata basis over the 5 year period.

For more information please click here

Repair Programme

Trent & Dove undertakes a cyclical repairs & maintenance programme for all of its tenanted properties. Some of these tasks will impact upon the leaseholder where communal facilities exist.

Forum Meetings

Involvement in neighbourhood forum meetings is actively encouraged by Trent & Dove as we believe all of our residents have a part to play in making our neighbourhoods better places to live.

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