Value for Money

VFM 2016-17.PNG

Our 2017 Self Assessment

We have a clear strategy to ensure value for money across the organisation. You can find out more about how we're doing this, by viewing 'Value for Money In Focus'.


At Trent & Dove Housing, we are keen to ensure 'Value for Money' principles are embedded in all that we do. 

We assess our compliance with the HCA 'Value for Money Standard' on an annual basis and these findings support the content of our yearly self assessment; a summary of which is also contained within our statutory accounts.

Non-core functions are appraised for 'Value for Money' too. A comprehensive report detailing this was taken to the Board in July 2016. You can view this here.

We're also keen to communicate our commitment to 'Value for Money' to our customers and as such, this forms an important part of our 'Tenant Annual Report'.