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From properties to rent to shared ownership, find your perfect home with Trent & Dove

Find your perfect home with Trent & Dove

We're helping many people to secure a new home; each one of our customers is unique and we know that everyone has different needs.

Some of our customers may be looking to live in a development that's primarily for the over 55s with a range of on-site facilities, whilst a young family may want a larger home close to local amenities. We also provide shared ownership for customers thinking of getting on the first rung of the property ladder.

Whatever the personal circumstances and requirements of our customers, all our homes either meet or exceed the Government's 'decent homes' standard. We are committed to continuing our personalised approach with a range of options.


The demand for social and affordable housing has never been higher.

In the next five years, we aim to increase our number of homes; we will achieve this through our own development, through the purchase of properties from other associations, and through other partnerships.

We will work with local authorities and other developers to ensure we choose the schemes that best meet our customers' needs.


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