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We're building more affordable homes in the right areas, designed for the people who need them most

From 1-bedroom apartments for couples to 4-bedroom houses for growing families, our up and coming developments will help provide much needed homes for our ever growing population.

We are busy building at the moment!

Hawkins Lane, Burton-on-Trent
Trent & Dove will have 87 homes in total on this site – 20 of which are Shared Ownership. We are currently half-way there, with all our homes expected to be completed by April 2021.

Forest Road, Burton-on-Trent (Barratts)
We will have 21 homes on this site. The remaining 15 homes comprising of; 2x1bed, 6x2bed and 7x3bed will be completed in July 2021.

Forest Road, Burton-on-Trent (Peveril)
The first of our 70 homes will be available around October 2021. The remainder, including 13 Shared Ownership properties will be delivered over the next 2 years.

Hilton (Persimmons)
Of the 9 properties we have on this site, three remain 2x3bed- expected February 2021 and 2x3bed Shared Ownership properties - due February 2022

Grange Close, Burton-on-Trent (Novus)
We are expecting 8x2bed homes in January 2021. Weather permitting!

Horninglow Mews, Burton-on-Trent (Novus)
We are building 14 homes at Horninglow Mews; 4x1bed, 9x2bed and 1x3bed. These are due to be completed in April 2021.

Branston Locks, Burton-on-Trent (Taylor Wimpey)
Trent & Dove will have 15 homes here. Still to come are: 4x2bed Shared Ownership properties expected Feb/Apr 2021 and a further 8 homes to rent, in Spring 2022.

Rolleston on Dove (Bellway)
We are looking forward to delivering 7 homes in Rolleston around August 2021. Of these 2 and 3 bed homes, 5 will be Shared Ownership

Sycamore Court, Stapenhill (Novus)
Work has just started here on a development of 13 homes for families needing extra support.

If you would like to apply to live in one of our new homes, please join our Housing Register. 

If you are a local landowner or developer with property or land you want to dispose of or build on, we may be able to help. Please Contact Us  or call our Development Team on 01283 528528.






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