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Dementia Awareness Day, 24th May

Experience first-hand what it's like to live with dementia

We're hosting a dementia awareness day

We will be supporting Dementia Awareness Week by hosting an informative event at our offices on Horninglow Street in Burton. The event is open to everyone and free to attend.

On Friday 24th May, 10am - 4pm the Virtual Dementia Tour Bus will be stopping at Trinity Square.

Statistics show that one in three people that were born in the UK in 2015 are expected to die from dementia. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour helps carers, colleagues and family members to truly understand that by making adjustments to the care provided can really start to improve the lives of people living with dementia.  By walking in the shoes of a person with dementia, you can begin to understand the issues that they encounter everyday. You will experience being confused, isolated, lost, intimidated, vulnerable and much more.

On the day there will also be advice and information stalls from a range of local support groups including:

  • firstcall 24/7

    Firstcall provide support to you in your own home. firstcall 24/7 monitor alarms and can provide an emergency response 24 hours a day. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that, whilst you might be at home on your own you are not alone.  

    Unlike other services, we offer monthly welfare checks where our trained and helpful staff visit you at home and will also test your community alarm and telecare equipment.

    For more information please click here

  • Virtual Dementia Tour Bus

    The Virtual Dementia Tour is medically and scientifically proven to be the closest that we can give a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like.  By understanding dementia from the person's point of view we can change practice, reduce issues and improve their lives.

    Scary, Intimidating, Confusing and a feeling of vulnerability the Virtual Dementia Tour is a 'must have' training for every care professional or family member that wants to understand dementia by walking in the shoes of a person with the disease.

    For more information please visit their website

  • Everyone Health

    Everyone Health will be offering free NHS health checks. 

    If you’re aged 40-74 with no pre-existing conditions you can have an NHS Health Check. Think of it as a free midlife MOT to check that your important circulatory and vascular systems are healthy. You’ll be asked some easy questions and have some simple tests done by a health professional. Most people will find that they’re perfectly well but a few people might need to make a few small lifestyle changes to ensure they stay healthy.

    For more information please visit their website. 

  • Burton Albion Community Trust

    Burton Albion Community Trust are committed to “make a difference to our communities through the power of sport and the brand of Burton Albion Football Club”. On the day they will be showcasing the range of health through sport initiatives that they run for people of all ages

    Find out more about the community trust by visiting their website.

  • Alzheimers Society

    The Alzheimers society will be here providing information on dementia for carers and those living with the condition.

    For more information please visit:

  • Diabetes UK

    The Burton Diabetes UK group will have a stall on the day. They're a local support group for people living with diabetes, their families, partners, carers or anybody with an interest in diabetes.

    You can find out more about the group on their webiste.

  • Medequip

    Medequip Assistive Technology is the leading provider of community equipment services to local authorities and the NHS across the UK, delivering a wide range of equipment and support to people in their own homes, keeping people independent for longer.

     For more information please visit their website:









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