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Applying for a garage

Looking for a garage? here's how you can apply for one

  • How do I apply for a garage?

    Trent & Dove Housing own various garage sites across East Staffordshire. To be eligible for a garage you do not need to be a tenant, ANYONE can apply to rent a garage. If you are interested in renting a garage the rent will vary depending on whether you are a tenant. Non Trent & Dove tenants will pay a commercial rent, which is subject to VAT, whereas tenants are not obliged to pay VAT.

    Applying for a garage is easy, simply complete the form below indicating the sites you are interested in. There may be a waiting list for certain areas so applications will be treated in date order, and priority will be given to disabled applicants with an adapted car.

  • How do I pay my rent?

    You will be issued with an All Pay Garage payment card, payments can then be made at various outlets indicating PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office signs. A direct debit can also be set up for regular payments to be made. Please contact us to find out more.

  • How will the garage rent be calculated?

    Garages are let on a weekly basis with the tenancy beginning on the Monday after the acceptance of the offer.

  • What can I use the garage for?

    The garage’s sole purpose is to house a motor vehicle. You should not use the garage for storage of items or for any other purpose that may cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours or that may be a fire hazard.


Apply for a Garage

 We will provide a full or interim response to all written correspondence within 10 working days (where a response is needed.)

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