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Before you express your interest

Please consider the following issues prior to placing your expression of interest

By considering all of these elements before placing an interest in our properties, you'll be helping us to maintain a simple allocations system so that we can use our resources more effectively to meet the needs of a greater number of applicants in a shorter amount of time.

  • Is the property suitable for my needs?

    For example, do you require ground floor accommodation, or adaptations such as a level access shower?

  • Am I eligible for this type of property?

    For example is the property advertised with preference to over 60 year olds, suitable for wheelchair users, no resident children under 12 years of age. Please check that you match any additional lettings criteria stated in our adverts. Applicants with dogs are advised they will not be considered for our flats unless there is a private garden.

  • Is the property the right size for my needs?

    For example, are there enough bedrooms? Can I manage a garden? If you are seeking a large family home, please look out in our adverts for ‘parlour’ type homes which have a second living room that can be used as a bedroom. (Applicants are re-minded that larger homes are allocated to applicants with the greatest bedroom need).

  • Is the area suitable for me?

    Please check the location of the property before placing an expression of interest in case the area may not be suitable for you. For example, rural areas may be isolated and pose a problem if you can’t drive, or you may need to check public transport provision for that area. Do you need to be near specific amenities, for example the hospital? Do you have mobility issues or are you a wheelchair user and the area too hilly? Is the property too far from your employment/children’s school?

  • Am I ready to move?

    If you are actively expressing interest in properties you may need to be prepared to move within a short period of time. In most instances when an offer is made the property will be ready to occupy within a few weeks and you are therefore advised to only express interest when you are ready to move. For example, are you tied into a fixed term contract on your private tenancy which may prevent you from moving?


  • Be Tenancy Ready

    Paying rent is an important condition of your tenancy agreement.

    In order to prepare for becoming a Trent & Dove tenant, it is important to have your first week’s rent ready for when you sign your tenancy agreement. If you will be entitled to full or partial housing benefit, you will be expected to complete a housing benefit online claim form and any net rent which you will need to pay, again this will need to be paid when you sign your tenancy.

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