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Changes to your Circumstances

Times change and everything moves on.....

Please remember to keep us updated on any changes in your circumstances if you are registered for housing on the East Staffordshire Housing Register.

We can only consider you for accommodation based on the details we hold on our system.  Most commonly updated details tend to be:

  • Birth certificates for babies born into the household
  • Change of address
  • A change in medical/welfare needs
  • A change in the number of occupants (persons leaving or moving into your registered address)

If we contact you regarding an offer of accommodation and you have not notified us of a change in your situation we may have to overlook you until you have provided all the information that we need.

It's also worth making sure that we have your most up-to-date contact details. We'd hate for you to miss out on the home of your choice because we couldn't get in touch.

If you wish to notify us of a change in your housing situation, please download a form here. Alternatively you can contact us online or speak to a member of our Customer Services Team by calling 01283 528528.

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