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How do I join the Housing Register?

Introduction to the East Staffordshire Housing Register

If you are looking for a home with Trent & Dove or any of our Housing Partners, you must join the East Staffordshire Housing Register. The East Staffordshire Housing Register is a scheme managed by Trent & Dove Housing on behalf of East Staffordshire Borough Council and our Housing Partners. Before you can be eligible to bid on available properties, you will need to complete the housing registration form online using the link below.

As well as East Staffordshire, we also advertise properties that are within the following local authorities; South Derbyshire District Council, North West Leicestershire District Council and North Warwickshire Borough Council. In order to be eligible for a property in one of these areas, you must register with both Trent & Dove and that particular local authority.

Apply Online Now

Once you have applied, your online registration will be evaluated and verified by the Housing Needs Team. We may contact you to discuss your registration. You will be notified via email whether we can accept your registration, along with the band and bedroom entitlement you have been allocated. In certain circumstances, we may require further evidence to determine your housing need, and we reserve the right to withhold your bidding number, band and bedroom entitlement until our Housing Needs Assessment is complete.

Looking to transfer home?

Trent & Dove tenants can apply to move home if:

  • their current home does not meet their bedroom requirements
  • their home does not meet the medical needs of the people living e.g., they need a ground floor apartment
  • moving will enable them to sustain permanent employment
  • it will enable them to give or receive

To be considered for a transfer, you must show that you are meeting the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. For more information on transfers please visit the Transfers page here.

If your transfer request has previously been refused due to being assessed as having 'no housing need', a new registration form should only be completed if your circumstances have changed and will meet one or more of the above criteria.


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