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I’ve applied what next?

You've applied for your dream home - so what happens next?

So you've.....

  • Completed the Registration form for the East Staffordshire Housing List
  • Been assigned to a band based on your housing need
  • Placed an expression of interest on a property 
  • What happens to my 'expression' now?

    Every applicant who has expressed interest in a property, to which they are entitled, is placed on a list. This is called a shortlist.

    Applicants on the shortlist are prioritised by:

    1. Priority needs band, and then within each needs band.
    2. In order of the date that the applicants were awarded that band, subject to them having maintained an active application since that date.
  • How will I know if my expression has been successful?

    Each week we receive hundreds of 'expressions of interest' so we are only able to contact the successful applicant (or up to three applicants in some cases) to view the property prior to offering the property to the top applicant.

  • Do you give feedback on how properties have been allocated?

    We publish feedback each month on the Trent & Dove website. It states how long the successful applicant had been registered for accommodation and what needs band they came from.

  • What if I feel a wrong decision has been made on allocation?

    If you feel that a wrong decision has been made or that you believe you should have been offered a property that you expressed interest in, please contact us to chat through your concerns.


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