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Shared Ownership

An easy and affordable way to buy your own home

Shared Ownership is a scheme that was introduced to help people who cannot afford to buy a home outright. Through Shared Ownership you buy a share of the property and pay rent on the remaining share you do not own. Gradually, you may buy further shares and eventually own your home outright.

  • What size share do I need to buy?

    The size of the share to be purchased will depend on your income and savings. Normally a 50% share is purchased but it may be possible to buy a smaller or larger share (to start with it may be possible to buy as little as 25% or as much as 75%). The higher the share you purchase the less rent you will have to pay. 

  • Are there any other costs or fees?

    You may also have to pay a service charge when you purchase through shared ownership, especially when you buy an apartment. Rent for the remaining share is payable to Trent & Dove Housing and is reviewed annually. The share you purchase is generally funded by a mortgage which you will need to arrange with a bank or building society. 

  • Can I buy additional shares in my home?

    After one full years ownership you will qualify to buy further shares, up to the stage where full ownership is achieved, but you can remain a shared owner indefinitely if you want to. Please note that certain schemes do have restrictions on how much of the property you can own. We will be able to provide you details on these schemes.

  • What are my responsibilities?

    When you purchase through shared ownership, Trent & Dove Housing will grant you a lease which sets out your rights and responsibilities.

  • How can I find out more?

    If you have any particular questions or if you'd like more information about any of our shared ownership properties please contact us

For help and advice with selling your shared ownership property please click here 

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