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Formed in 2001, Trent & Dove provides affordable housing for rent and shared ownership across the Midlands

Company Overview

Formed in 2001, Trent & Dove is a Regulated Provider of Social Housing (also known as a “Housing Association) providing affordable homes for rent and shared ownership across our core operating areas of the East Midlands, South Derbyshire and North-West Leicestershire.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, any surpluses are used for maintaining your homes, building new properties, and community support. With an annual turnover of over £25 million, we employ over 200 people and play a significant role in supporting the local economy and community.

We are driven to make a difference to people's lives and reduce homelessness in our region by Transforming, Homes, Lives & Communities. Our key drivers are meeting regional demand, increasing revenues that underpin long-term financial viability, and building the organisational strength necessary to work with partners to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders.

By providing affordable homes and a wide range of supporting services, we enable people and communities to thrive and enjoy life. We also support a variety of services such as mental health, family support and volunteer projects. For further information on our services please visit our Residents section.

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