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Customer Committee

The Customer Committee’s Purpose is to:

  1. To provide a diverse cross-section of views, insight and opinion to the Board from a customer perspective to:
    a) influence the Board’s decision-making on key customer-related issues relating to the organisation’s responsibilities as a landlord or its commitment to communities (“Place-shaping”); and
    b) enable the customer voice to shape and, and continuously improve, the homes and services that Trent & Dove Housing Limited (“T&D”) provides and the community investments it makes. 

  2. To scrutinise operational service delivery to ensure that quality, performance and impact is in line with:
    a) the expectations set by the Board;
    b) the organisation’s customer service commitments.

  3. To provide assurance to the Board on the impact and operation of T&D’s community support and investment activities, including:
    a) approving the criteria for awarding community grants and priorities for funding
    b) providing assurance to the Board that Value for Money and Social Return on Investment is being achieved as a result of community initiatives, activities and grants.
  4. To provide assurance to the Board that there are effective mechanisms in place:
    a) for the organisation to gather and analyse customer opinion and insight on key customer-related issues;
    b) for the organisation to take customers’ views into account in a meaningful way before making decisions on important matters which affect them;
    c) for the organisation to respond to customer views and feedback and implement continuous improvement actions; 
    d) to enable the quality of homes and services provided by T&D to be continuously improved in response to customer insight and feedback;
    e) to effectively communicate to customers how their views and insight have influenced T&D’s actions and decision-making.

The Committee has 12 members...

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