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Ursula Bennion

Ursula Bennion

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Ursula joined the Executive Team in July 2015.

Over a 25 year career in Housing, Ursula has worked across the sector in a wide variety of roles ranging from her first job as a trainee Housing Officer to Director of Business Development and now as Chief Executive.

During this time, she has worked with both traditional housing associations and also LSVTs which has provided her with a wealth of experience in dealing with the challenges and opportunities facing the affordable housing sector.

Ursula has a clear focus on delivery of excellent services and homes and is looking to expand Trent & Dove’s role as a placeshaper.

Ursula works closely with the Executive Team to ensure that the organisation’s strategic and operational plans are implemented.

She is passionate about partnership working with our customers and stakeholders.

She also supports the Board of Directors to ensure that the organisation has clear, strategic direction and strong leadership; which are vital during the current climate of change.

Ursula has most recently been appointed as Chair of Opendoor Homes a subsidiary of the Barnet Homes, a London based organisation. 

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