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Gender Pay Gap

Due to the Coronavirus the 2019 update has been delayed. We will provide the updated information as soon as we are able to.

Since April 2018, companies with over 250 employees or more are required to publish information on their Gender Pay Gap figures on an annual basis.

We do not employ this amount of people and are not obliged legally to publish our information, however, we believe that it is good practice to do so.

The gender pay gap is not to be mistaken with equal pay. Equal pay deals with the payer difference between men and women who have exactly the same job, similar jobs or carry out work of equal value. It is also unlawful to pay our employees unequally just because they are a man or a woman.

The measures that are used to calculate the gender pay gap are as follows:

  • The mean Gender Pay Gap
  • The median Gender Pay Gap
  • The proportion of males and females in each quartile band

Our median gender pay gap for 2017/18 is 12.55% compared to the National Average of 17.9%. This figure is benchmarked as at April 2018. This positive figure shows that male employees have a marginal higher median pay than female employees.  During 2017/18 we underwent a job evaluation exercise which was implemented from April 2018, therefore in 2019 we are expecting a significant shift in this median rate to 7.80%.

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