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Governance Committee

Meet the Governance Committee

The Governance Committee considers the remuneration and emoluments of all paid staff, the executive team and the non-executive directors.  They review and identify the skills and competencies required by the Board and the Executive and ensure Board review and rotation.  This committee also leads the process for Board appointments and makes recommendations to the Board.

  • image for Mark Ashby
    Committee Member

    Mark has worked for over 10 years providing care and teaching support for students with a range of learning or speech and hea…

  • image for Nicci Miller
    Committee Member

    Nicci joined T&Ds involved tenants through a desire to gain more knowledge on mediation.  Since then she’s made films, me…

  • image for Sophie Churchill
    Committee Member

    Sophie began her career in urban regeneration in Birmingham and was then appointed Chief Executive of The National Forest, wh…

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