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Operations Committee

Meet the Operations Committee

The Operations Committee ensures that the affordable housing business of Trent & Dove meets the business targets set by the Board.  This Committee's focus is on service delivery and customer satisfaction, having regard to financial performance and budgetary control.  They aim to ensure that services are delivered in a cost-effective way, achieve value for money in all its dealings taking into account accepted good practices including diversity & inclusion, applying the principles of continuous improvement and quality management.

  • image for Mark Ashby

    Mark has worked for over 10 years providing care and teaching support for students with a range of learning or speech and hea…

  • image for Anita Wanowicz
    Committee Member

    Anita is currently studying for an MA in Social work and has an MA in Sociology.  She has, throughout her career, supported a…

  • image for Katarzyna Goleniowska
    Committee Member

    Katarzyna works full time as a HR Assistant and has over 10 years experience within the automotive industry, having carried o…

  • image for Alz Coates
    Committee Member

    Alz joined the Operations Committee in September 2018, following the invitation for a Resident Involvement Open Event (Coffee…

  • image for Ivanhoe Douglas
    Committee Member

    Ivanhoe has been a tenant with Trent & Dove for over 27 years. He joined the Operations Committee in September 2019 after…

  • image for Ian Moore
    Committee Member

    Ian has been a volunteer with Trent & Dove for 4 years and has also been a member of the Tenant Scrutiny Forum. His interest…

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