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Our Vision, Values & Mission

How we carry out our day-to-day work is important to us so we have values that keep us focused on the important things

Our Mission

Is to Transform Homes, Lives and Communities in our region by delivering desirable homes that are energy-efficient, safe and secure; meeting people's needs and exceeding their expectations. To provide customers with opportunities to reach their full potential and feel part of the community. By encouraging our communities to thrive in neighbourhoods that are safe, clean, enjoyable places where people are proud to live and work.

“We are driven to make a difference to people’s lives and reduce homelessness in our region“


Our Values

  • Passion displaying persistent enthusiasm for what we do
  • Integrity being authentic and doing what we say we will or explaining why we can't
  • Excellence being the best we can
  • Regional dedicated to our local communities
  • People & Partnerships being human in our relationships

Our Vision

We are driven to make a difference to people's lives and reduce homelessness in our region. By providing affordable homes and a wide range of supporting services we enable people and communities to thrive and enjoy life.


For people that come into contact with our organisation, it's fair to say that the & in 'Trent & Dove' can be overlooked.

Our & communicates continuity, that there's no end in sight and there's more to come... this is at the heart of Trent & Dove; we are here to stay and driven to add more to the quality of people's lives throughout our region. 

"We are incredibly proud of our & and consider it hugely important as it provides us with a constant reminder of our approach in transforming Homes, Lives & Neighbourhoods."

Ursula Bennion, Chief Executive
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