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Value for Money

More than just cutting costs, it's about investing in our homes and services

What Value for Money means to us 

We are committed to delivering excellent Value for Money to our residents
and communities. We aim to drive on going Value for Money by making informed financial and operational decisions, in short spending the money the business makes wisely. Whilst being regional and community focussed, we remain a financially strong and robust organisation.
During 2016/17 we invested over £14 million in our homes. Of this, £12 million has been on new development schemes delivering 156 new homes. A further £2.1 million has been invested on improvements to existing homes.
The recent Government programme of rent reduction has been implemented for 2016/17 and we continue to drive efficiencies to ensure that we can operate effectively in the coming years and continue to deliver our mission.  

"At Trent & Dove, we are keen to ensure 'Value for Money' principles are embedded in all that we do"


Our view remains that true value for money is not simply about cutting costs, it is about choosing to invest in the homes and services that offer a long term return for the business, our customers and wider stakeholders.

We assess our compliance with the HCA 'Value for Money Standard' on an annual basis and these findings support the content of our yearly self assessment. To read more about our plans you can download a copy of our Value for Money document

We're also keen to communicate our commitment to 'Value for Money' to our customers and as such, this forms an important part of our 'Tenant Annual Report' which can be viewed here.

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