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All our tender opportunities are advertised on our website, as well as government recognised websites such Contract finder, Supply2Gov website and for contracts over the threshold value, Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

We use a website called Xantive Tender Manager for our PQQ exercise for all EU tenders and for some tenders that fall below EU thresholds. The instructions for completion of the PQQ are submitted with the advert either through OJEU or under our Tenders page on this website or other publications.

You will find instructions similar to these:

  • Your pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) must be completed and submitted electronically using the Xantive Tender Manager system by (date & time).
  • Firstly, register your company and you will be issued with a username and password. If you have registered and have forgotten your username and password, please click on the forgotten password link on the homepage.
  • Once you have obtained your log in details, please complete your PQQ in full. To do this, click on the 'view current opportunities & notices' link and select the opportunity you wish to complete. Then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The answers contained in your completed PQQ will be scored against a number of weighted criteria to determine your suitability to be included on this shortlist.
  • You should attempt to answer all parts of the PQQ to the best of your ability with concise, honest and factual responses. Even if you already provide similar services to Trent & Dove you should answer all questions fully since failure to do so may affect your overall score. 

Successful suppliers at the PQQ stage will be invited to tender via the Xantive Tender Manager e-tendering website. All tender documents required by the supplier will be uploaded onto the Xantive Tender Manager website. When the tender opens the suppliers will have the opportunity to download the documents and complete the tender. The tenderbox will close at a specified time and by this time the supplier will have been required to upload their responses. Should a supplier miss this deadline the tenderbox may close and the supplier may be unable to participate in the tender exercise. Only under extreme circumstances will the date be extended. Hard copies are not normally required nor will be accepted unless previously agreed with the Project Manager.

Quotation Manager

We use a website called Xantive Quotation Manager for our under threshold quotation requests of select lists of pre-registered suppliers or invited suppliers. The instructions for completion of the quotation are usually contained within the request for quotation that the system generated for the selected suppliers.

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