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Help shape the services we provide and the communities you live in

Get involved and have a say

Your views on our services and the communities that you live in are very important to us. There are many different ways to get involved at a level and time commitment to suit you.

Special Interest Groups

As part of our Louder & Stronger campaign, we will shortly be recruiting for our new special interest groups.

The Annual Report Group

This group compiles information, designs, edits, and publishes the Annual Report to Tenants.

The Group meets monthly during the day and is particularly suited to anyone with an interest in communication and how to share information.

Residents Associations

The Residents Associations have the opportunity to influence decision-making in their communities and hold informal meetings at different times during the day. Each group has a budget that supports them to deliver a range of activities and take on small-scale neighbourhood improvements. There are Residents Associations in Tutbury; Waterside and Edgehill; Winshill; Horninglow and Burton.

We are also keen to introduce further Resident Associations, if you would be interested to learn more, please contact us.

Customer Advocates

We are always looking for new customers to join our panel of Customer Advocates. For more information please see our Customer Advocates page.


We are Proud Members of Tpas!

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