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Befriending and Wellbeing

Are you feeling lonely? please talk to us...

Meet Christine Bettson, our Befriending and Wellbeing Officer 

Chris is responsible for helping any of our residents who are feeling lonely.

So what is Befriending? 

Befriending is when 2 people arrange a convenient time to talk over the phone and then agree on what things they would like to talk about. You can choose what you want to talk about, it might be sharing how you feel, or it might be discussing the latest football results, it really doesn’t matter!

The important thing is, that you have something to look forward to and know there is someone who will dedicate a set amount of time, to really listen to you.

If you would like to join our Befriending Service, please call Chris on 07767100789.

Chris will also tell you about what activities and support organisations are opening up in your community that might inspire you to join!

Here are a few ideas:

Why not visit a Place of Welcome (a growing network of community groups where all people feel safe, belong, connect and contribute).

Beresford Close Community Garden (Beresford Close, Burton, DE14 2GA) our community garden is open every day and on a Monday 10am – 12pm it becomes a “Place of Welcome” and our lovely volunteers will be there to welcome you and enjoy refreshments. 

Winshill Neighbourhood Resource Centre (Canterbury Road, Winshill, DE15 0HD), coffee morning every Friday from 9am – 11am. The Centre has a timetable of activities: Citizens Advice, Stay and Play for under 5’s, youth activities and a food bank. 

Short Street Community Café (Short Street, Stapenhill, DE15 9LT) Mary will be making delicious and affordable refreshments every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are community activities for all ages and an opportunity to meet local people in your area.

Community Gardens/Allotments

Our community gardens are beautiful spaces to enjoy, they also have vegetable allotments that you can get involved with.

Tutbury Gardens (Wakefield Avenue, Tutbury, DE13 9JY)

Kingfisher Project (Masefield Crescent, Burton, DE14 2SG)

Warwick St Community Allotment (Warwick Street, Horninglow, DE13 0TJ)

For more information about what Loneliness is and for further support and advice, please feel free to download our leaflet by clicking on the image below:


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