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Impact on Older People by an Individual or Organisation

Impact on Older People by an Individual or Organisation

We're looking for a person with an outstanding dedication to their role as a volunteer or care worker with older people, or the best scheme or project for older people which can evidence promotion of individual choice and independence whilst still providing support.

When making your nomination, please tell us in as much detail as possible how your nominee has made a difference to the lives of older people in our area. Remember our judges don't know them as well as you do. When filling in the nomination please consider the following criteria:


  • What impact has the person or organisation had on the quality of life of another resident or group of older people?
  • How has the person or organisation involved the resident/group in what they have done?
  • How will the positive difference made to the individual’s or group’s quality of life be sustained?

When making your nomination please tell us of their notable achievements during 2021. This can be supported by work undertaken outside of this date range, however, the main focus should be on the work carried out last year.

In 2019, this award was won by Darcy, Hanna and Jessica

 These young people whilst completing their GCSEs at John Port Spencer Academy joined the National Citizenship programme at the school. Through the programme, they supported a 78-year-old resident by clearing and rejuvenating his allotment. Their determination and hard work has enabled him to use this valuable space again while touching the hearts of other allotment holders around them as they worked.

Nominate Now!

Nominations are closing at midnight on Sunday 20th March 2022.

We require this information so that we can ask for further information about your nomination.
We need this to contact you if your nomination is shortlisted
We need this to contact them if they are shortlisted
We need this to arrange filming and for sending invitations to, if they are shortlisted.
Remember, we don't know them as well as you do! This is your opportunity to tell us about the difference they've made. Please provide us clear examples of how they have positively supported others, if you have any figures (number of people helped, monies raised etc.), this would be helpful too. Why did they start? What would happen if they weren't around? How have they gone above and beyond? We suggest a minimum of 500 words (roughly one side of A4)
We would suggest a minimum of 200 words.
If you are having trouble uploading documents, please email


  • Terms & Conditions
    • Winners are chosen by the Trent & Dove judging panel, from a shortlist. The team considers every nomination received.
    • We may consider your nomination in a different category if the judges decide it is appropriate.
    • Information you submit as part of the nomination may be shared at the event and for any pre, during and post publicity.
    • The judging panel chooses who they feel are the most deserving winners, regardless of the number of nominations received.
    • Trent & Dove’s Privacy Policy will apply to all nominations.
  • Fair processing statement

    Trent & Dove Housing Limited, which includes as a subsidiary First Housing Limited, will keep your personal information secure and confidential in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.  We collect this information (and may share some or all of it with third parties) as part of:

    • Providing, and where necessary improving, services to all our customers;  housing & neighbourhood management services; making home ownership products & services available; offering support services to customers;
    • As well as, where appropriate: preventing and detecting crime, fraud and unpaid debts; providing help with debt management and benefit entitlement; providing employment, training advice and opportunities; promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment.

    If you provide us with personal information relating to members of your family or your associates we will assume you do so with their knowledge and consent to the collecting and processing of the information.

    It is important that you tell us of any changes to your personal information as and when they happen so we can keep your details up to date.

    At any point in our process, you are entitled to request copies of information held about you.

    For more information on how we use and share your information please see our Privacy Notice which is on our website.  However, if you would like a written copy of this please contact

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