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Before filling in the form below please remember:

More is more - Our judges can only mark what they read. The more information you provide us with the better chance they have of winning an award. Remember we do not know them as you do, so it's up to you to paint the picture of just how much they have done to earn this award. A general rule of thumb is to write a minimum of 200 words per question. This is about 15 lines of text per answer.

Judges will be looking for information on what your nominee(s) have done that makes this person/group exceptional.

  • Perhaps they've worked full time and then dedicated their free time to helping others, working tirelessly to ensure that their community is supported.
  • Maybe they're a fundraising champion or a company that despite lockdown have gone on to achieve great things that have made a real difference in the local area.
  • Perhaps it's a neighbour who checks on the entire street ensuring that everyone has the groceries or gets to see a friendly face.
  • Remember sometimes even the smallest things can have the biggest impact. 

These people have gone above and beyond to make a difference. This application is your opportunity to pay them back, say thank you and ensure others hear about the sterling acts of kindness that are being carried out in our communities.

We will be judging the nominees on the work carried out during 2021, however, evidence from outside of this time frame can be used to support your nomination.

Nominate Now!

Nominations are closing at midnight on Sunday 20th March 2022.

We require this information so that we can ask for further information about your nomination.
We need this to contact you if your nomination is shortlisted
We need this to contact them if they are shortlisted
We need this to arrange filming and for sending invitations to, if they are shortlisted.
Remember, we don't know them as well as you do! This is your opportunity to tell us about the difference they've made. Please provide us clear examples of how they have positively supported others, if you have any figures (number of people helped, monies raised etc.), this would be helpful too. Why did they start? What would happen if they weren't around? How have they gone above and beyond? We suggest a minimum of 500 words (roughly one side of A4)
We would suggest a minimum of 200 words.
If you are having trouble uploading documents, please email
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