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Our promise to you & our expectations

What our leaseholders can expect from Trent & Dove

We will:

  • Maintain and repair the structure, exterior and communal areas of the building or complex
  • Keep the building insured
  • Keep the communal areas clean and well lit
  • Provide an annual itemised service charge bill in March of each year, which provides estimates of service costs for the forthcoming financial Actual costs will be calculated on the completion of the end of year account, and credits or debits will be carried forward to the next accounting period
  • Ensure that service charges offer value for money
  • Offer a wide range of service charge payment options
  • Collect service charges through a firm, proactive and personal approach to managing arrears, with a clear step by step escalation process
  • Consult with you prior to any major works costing over £250 per leaseholder
  • Respond to leasehold queries within 10 working days, or advise you of when a full response can be given
  • Provide all new leaseholders with this handbook which clearly explains their rights and obligations
  • Provide opportunities for you to be involved in decisions about delivery of the services
  • Provide opportunities for you to get involved in working with Trent & Dove to improve our service.

What we expect from out leaseholders

You agree to:

  • Keep your home in good repair and decoration including services used solely by your property
  • Pay your service charges when due
  • Pay your proportion of the cost of major works
  • Notify us of any change in ownership and pay us the appropriate fee
  • Inform us that you intend to sub-let the property

You agree NOT to:

  • Make any alterations to the exterior or interior structure of your home without getting written consent from us beforehand
  • Cause a nuisance or annoyance to other people living in the
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