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How we calculate monthly Direct Debits

For all monthly direct debits for 2021/2022, we have calculated your payment based on the position of your account. For any tenancies dated in or after 2016, most tenancy agreements state rent is required in advance. This means monthly payers should have at least one month's credit on the account after the payment is received, to ensure the account does not fall into arrears before the next payment. We have calculated your monthly Direct Debit payment to ensure your account will have a balance of at least 4 weeks credit by the end of March 2022, so that you will not fall into arrears during the following month. This will make sure that you are compliant with your tenancy conditions. If you have any queries on this, please contact us. 

​For any accounts on arrangements or court orders, this has been accounted for within your Direct Debit collection amounts. This overrides the above calculation. 

If you are interested in signing up for a Direct Debit, please call us on 01283 528528.

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