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Service Charges Explained

Welcome to your new home, we hope you will be very happy. 

You've been notified that your home required a service charge to be paid, but what does this mean? A service charge is a payment made by a tenant or a homeowner towards the cost of services and repairs beyond those specifically for their house or flat. Trent & Dove Housing provides various services to rent, leasehold, shared ownership, and owner-occupied properties. This page is an introduction to the services that we may be providing to you, depending on where you live and whether you are a tenant, leaseholder, shared owner or owner occupier.

You can download a copy of this information here.

  • What are service charges?

    There are lots of different services which may be provided for a property. For example, a flat will often have a communal entrance area and stairs, or maybe a lift. There will be fire prevention and detection systems as well as lighting in the shared areas.

    For houses, the road may not be adopted by the local authority. This means that the road is not paid for through council tax.

    Outside there might be shared, green areas with grass to be cut and plants to be maintained.

    Sometimes Trent & Dove provide the service ourselves, for example, our caretakers may remove fly-tipping. In other cases, the developer will ask a Management Company to provide services such as grounds maintenance for example. Where a Management Company is employed this will form part of your overall service charge.

    These are just examples of the type of services that might be provided; there are many more different services that might be provided.

  • Who pays for these services?

    Residents who receive the service pay but it is possible that not everyone will pay the same amount. The costs may vary depending on whether you are a tenant, a leaseholder, a shared owner or an owner-occupier and it is possible for people living in the same area to pay different amounts. 


  • How are charges calculated?

    Every year we look at how much each service has cost during the previous financial year. We then estimate how much we think the services will cost in the coming financial year. Trent & Dove’s financial year runs from April to March. 

    In the case of newly built properties, we estimate how much we think the services are going to cost and we use this estimate to set the charges for the first year. As time goes by, we can adjust the charges once we have more accurate figures.

    Every year we compare the actual cost of the services with the amount we have charged residents and we make any adjustments needed. We write to you in September to give you the details of this reconciliation and then again in March to let you know what you need to pay.

  • Paying your service charges

    If you are a tenant or a shared owner, we will collect your service charge at the same time and in the same way that we collect your rent. If you are a leaseholder or an owner-occupier, we will send you an annual invoice.

  • Raising a query

    If you have a question about any of the services you receive, or you are having problems paying your charges, please get in touch as soon as possible.

    You can call us on 01283 528528 or email

  • Rules and regulations

    The provision and administration of service charges is regulated by law. Trent & Dove comply with all relevant legislation and regulations and a summary of your rights and obligations will be sent to you when we send your estimates, certificates and invoices.



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