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How quickly will my repair be carried out?

How quickly will my repair be carried out?

Emergency work - Within 24 hours

This priority only covers emergencies where there may be a danger to life or may cause structural damage to the property if not rectified, for example, serious gas or electrical faults and major burst pipes.

Emergencies include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Total loss of electricity supply
  • Overflowing sewerage
  • Gaining entry to your home (costs reclaimed as part of our Chargeable Repairs Process)

We will ensure that your property is left in a safe condition, however, there may be a requirement for a return visit to carry out follow up work.

Mutually agreed appointments - Within 28 days

Repairs that are non-emergency and can be completed within a timescale that suits both our customer and Trent & Dove's repairs operatives.

For any major works which may involve the use of scaffolding or require special materials to be ordered the timescale may fall outside of the agreed amount of days. In these instances, we will keep you updated.


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