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Rechargeable repairs

Damage can be costly

When a repair to a property (or adjacent property) is needed as a result of neglect or damage caused by a tenant, their family, visitors or lodgers or unauthorised works are carried out either by a tenant or a third party, we will recharge for such repairs.

However, recharges will not be made unless it can be clearly attributed to some act or omission on the tenant’s part. Circumstances in which repair or replacement is likely to be rechargeable include the following:

Deliberate damage

Where the work is required due to deliberate or wilful acts by the tenant or any other person mentioned above. This doesn't apply in cases of criminal damage by persons not listed above. We may not recharge for criminal damage where a crime reference number has been obtained, but we do reserve the right to do so in some instances.

Removed items

Where an installation has been removed and needs replacement, either during or at the end of the tenancy, then this will be charged for. If this is during the course of a tenancy, the tenant will first be given the opportunity to replace the item, providing the work is carried out to an acceptable standard.

Wilful neglect

Repair or replacement may be necessary due to general neglect rather than a specific act of damage. It is important to distinguish between normal wear and tear and exceptional neglect, in which case a charge will be made.

Unauthorised alterations

If a tenant has made alterations that require reinstatement, either for health and safety reasons or to bring the property back to a lettable standard, the full costs of the works will be charged. However, if the alterations are acceptable, consideration will be given to granting retrospective permission.

Removal of refuse

At the end of a tenancy, the cost of removing items of furniture or rubbish which are left behind will be charged to the outgoing tenant by our Finance Department. Charges will not be made for the standard cleaning of voids where this is needed as a matter of routine. Also, charges will not be made to former tenants for the removal of items that were in place, or the replacement of items that were missing or damaged at the start of their tenancy.

What happens when a rechargeable repair is identified?

We will let the tenant know the cost of the repair and the time-scale in which the repair will be completed, and where appropriate tenants will be asked to pay for rechargeable repairs in advance. Where this is not possible the tenant will need to sign a rechargeable repair request form at the local office or with the Property Surveyor if an inspection is undertaken. Alternatively, a form will be sent out in the post with a pre-paid envelope so that a signature is obtained before the repair is ordered.

Even when a rechargeable repair is of an urgent nature, it will still be necessary for the authorisation form to be signed by the tenant. In some instances, your Housing Officer can agree and set up a repayment plan in respect of a rechargeable repair. Our Finance Department will be responsible for agreeing and setting up payment plans for former tenant debt where no previous agreements have been made.

What happens if you do not agree to a rechargeable repair?

  • If the repair must be carried out to eradicate a health and safety risk, or to remove a detrimental impact on the image of the estate (a broken window for example), Trent & Dove reserve the right to initiate repairs and recover costs from the person responsible. Please note that repairs undertaken by our Repairs Team or our own Contractor may be more expensive than trade services available locally.
  • If you are registered for a transfer, you may not be considered for a move if you have outstanding rechargeable repairs. You will not be eligible for any tenant incentive schemes operated by Trent & Dove. In serious circumstances, and if no alternative solution can be agreed, we may pursue action against you for breach of the terms and conditions of your tenancy. This would result in additional costs to you in court fees and you could be at risk of losing your home.

Examples of some of our more common recharges are:

  • Re-glaze 1sq m £60.
  • Re-glaze 2 sq m £120.
  • Clear Blocked Drain immediate response £80.
  • Clear Blocked Drain £50.
  • Renew lock to front/rear door immediate response £70.
  • Renew lock to front/rear door £40.
  • Renew front/rear door £500.
  • Renew lock to garage door £45.
  • Repair lock or latch immediate response £40.
  • Repair lock or latch £10.
  • Board up door/window immediate response - up to 2sq m £50.
  • Board up door/window up to 2sq m £20.
  • Board up door/window immediate response - up to 5 sq m £80.
  • Board up door/window up to 5 sq m £50.
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