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Fall prevention

Become a fall fighter

Falls can affect people of any age, but as we grow older, we are more likely to fall and suffer serious injury as a result. 

Individual factors such as muscle weakness, deterioration of eyesight, poor balance, and taking multiple medications, combined with environmental hazards such as slippery or uneven floors, trip hazards, and poor footwear can all increase the likelihood of a fall. 

On average, people aged 65 have a one in three chance of having a fall every year. The likelihood rises with age and by the time people reach 80 the probability is 50% annually. 

People who experience a fall may be affected in a variety of ways.  Falls can cause physical injuries ranging from minor scrapes and bruising to more severe injuries needing hospital treatment. It's not always the injuries that are the most disabling, the loss of confidence after a fall may be just as damaging. Many people who have fallen experience a fear of subsequent falls deterring them from going out or taking part in regular activities.

Tackling Falls

Trent & Dove has launched a fall prevention project aiming to help people recognise and address fall risks. We are offering Fall   Fighter training sessions to our colleagues and customers and free fall prevention home visits to all over-60s living in Trent & Dove properties. Both are designed to introduce simple, effective, and low-cost control measures that can reduce the chance of a fall and help our customers feel safer in their homes.


For more information or to book a free fall prevention home visit please complete the form below:

This will allow us to call and arrange an appointment with you.

If you would like to take Fall Fighter training online please click here.


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