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Trent & Dove G1/V1 Rating.

Trent & Dove G1/V1 Rating.

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We are delighted to announce that we have retained the highest possible rating from the Regulator of Social Housing, who have confirmed that we retain our rating of V1 for viability and G1 for governance.

The Regulator uses the Governance and Financial Viability Standard to assess how well the organisation runs and how financially viable it is. G1/V1 means we meet (and exceed) all their governance and viability standards and have the financial capacity to mitigate exposures.

“We are delighted to receive confirmation that, following the Regulator of Social Housing’s latest assessment, Trent & Dove have again retained our G1/V1 rating, being the highest grade possible. The result bears testament to the hard work of all our colleagues, our Board and our involved customers and, as we review our Strategic Plan for the next 5 years, provides a strong foundation for us in our mission of Transforming Homes, Lives and Communities.”

Ursula Bennion, Chief Executive of Trent & Dove Housing

The Regulator of Social Housing published the results today, Wednesday 3rd November 2021, as part of a wider list of judgements on how well registered housing providers are meeting regulatory standards.

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