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An Interview with our new SHE Apprentice

An Interview with our new SHE Apprentice

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This week is National Apprenticeship Week and we caught up with Joe Clarke who started his apprenticeship in January. His new role is unique as an apprenticeship in Safety, Health & Environmental is brand new this year.

Tell us a little about you….. 

My name is Joe and I am 19 years old. I studied A-Levels in History, P.E and Business & Economics. I previously worked for a North Wales based electrical company called LME (Lloyd Morris Electrical) I was employed as an Electrical Trainee.

What is your apprenticeship in?

I am a SHE technician apprentice which stands for Safety, Health & Environmental -it covers a variety of different aspects of Health & Safety.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship because I was tired of travelling everyday in my old job and wanted to challenge myself in a different working environment. I also wanted to further my knowledge – gaining both work and training experience along the way.

What was the process like when applying for your apprenticeship?

It was very good. It was a well set out structure. I applied through the Government website. I was actively looking for an apprenticeship on the site and came across this one that looked interesting. It was also something that I had touched upon in my previous job.

What is your apprenticeship like? What’s a typical day, what is the qualification side of the work like?

A typical day for me is firstly checking through my emails and going through the near miss folders in case there has been a near miss that I can act upon. I go out to development sites and independent living schemes to carry out site inspections with the Health & Safety Advisor. I also assist the H&S team with any administrative duties as and when required.

Do you get much support from Trent & Dove?

Yes, I get a lot of support from the Health & Safety Team and my direct manager who is the Head of Health & Safety.

Do you enjoy being an apprentice?

Yes, having both experience in the work place and money at the same time is really useful. Also the progression opportunities are great for me to become further qualified.

How long is your apprenticeship for?

24 months, however I would like to achieve it in 18 months!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

It is a really good alternative to going to University and gives you the chance to progress within a good company. Furthermore, you can still get the same qualifications as going to University; however you are earning a wage at the same time.

What made you choose this particular apprenticeship?

The ethos of Trent & Dove and because it dips into every aspect of the business. Also every day is not the same.

What do you like most about your apprenticeship so far?

The variety of being in the office and on site is a good mixture as you can see the  theories and regulations that you are learning are applied in the working environment. The people I work with are also really friendly.

What are some of the things you find to be less positive?

It is too early to say at the moment as I am really enjoying it.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The structure of my learning – I have training to do and also work that I need to do to help the Health & Safety team. It is hard to get the correct balance of learning the information and working systems.

If there is anything you could improve about your role, what would it be and why?

As the apprenticeship is brand new this year it is hard to provide a comparison.

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