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firstcall to the rescue!

firstcall to the rescue!

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The life of our firstcall customer was saved by a small gadget around her neck after a fall in her home left her unconscious and bleeding heavily.

Muriel Hoose, 77, who lives alone with her cat pebbles, tripped and fell in her bedroom one evening and was left unable to get up from the floor.

Fortunately for Muriel, who is a retired nurse, she was wearing her pendant from our firstcall service, which she pressed to alert the team that she was in distress.

She said: “If I hadn’t had this round my neck, I wouldn’t be here today. It’s as simple as that.
“I would have lay there slowly bleeding to death if it wasn’t for this. They were all marvellous and helped me when I needed it.”

At around 10.30pm in the evening Muriel was tucked up in bed when a bulb in a lamp she keeps on during the night blew and needed changing.

She got up, without her torch, to change it but tripped over her duvet, she then fell over her chair before hitting the wall.  Being on the medicine warfarin at the time meant that her blood was not clotting and she started to bleed more profusely than would normally be expected. The blood loss was causing her to drift in and out of consciousness.

Help soon came after she pressed the button on her pendant. Within seven minutes, the Mobile Responder from firstcall, who is trained in first aid, had arrived at Muriel’s home and found her unconscious. They then called an ambulance.

Muriel spent four days at Queen’s Hospital in Burton, before returning to the home she has lived in for 55 years. The grandmother-of-three is now hoping her experiences will convince others to sign up for the scheme that saved her life.

firstcall offer a range of community alarm and telecare equipment operating in a 30-minute radius of our offices. The service helps those in need to retain their independence for longer, whilst giving their families peace of mind. The devices that we offer include fall detectors, temperature control, door sensors, smoke detectors and bed sensors.

Muriel said; “What I pay works out at around £1 a day. What is that when compared to you life? Smokers pay far more than that on cigarettes, where this could save your life – it did mine! I’d never be without it.”

firstcall is a three-tiered service and we are especially proud of our silver package, which we keep to the price of just over a pound a day, £7.75 a week. This is slightly more expensive than standard prices, but paying that little bit extra for this tailored service can make all the difference, especially as Muriel discovered.  

As part of our bronze package, if any kind of alarm is triggered from a device such as a fall or smoke detector, the firstcall Mobile Response Team will answer your automatic call within 30 seconds and if there is no response we contact the police or ambulance service who will come to your house to check your wellbeing

Notably though, with our unique Silver Package, when we answer your call, if there is no response or if you have fallen, we will send our Mobile Responder direct to your home, which on average are there within 14 minutes. If things are serious we can escalate your call to emergency status with the police or ambulance, so that you receive immediate care, rather than being put on a waiting list.

If you think you or a loved one would benefit from this service and you want to learn more about how it all works, feel free to visit our Burton office (Trinity Square, Horninglow Street, Burton on Trent DE14 1BL) to have a chat with our firstcall team and see the live smart room in action. Equally anyone is welcome to speak to us on 01283 528 649. You can also find out more information on firstcall by visiting our firstcall 24|7 page.

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