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Free NHS Health Check

Free NHS Health Check

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Everyone Health are kindly providing free NHS health checks for our customers on Tuesday 5th February.

To attend, please visit our Burton reception between 9am & 5pm.

What is an NHS Health Check?

We’re all at risk of developing strokes, kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease as well as certain forms of dementia and an NHS Health Check can predict what your chances of developing these conditions are and, with this forewarning, help you take steps to prevent them.

Why do I need an NHS Health Check?

It’s a well-known fact that, as you get older, your risk of developing certain conditions such as heart disease, dementia and type 2 diabetes increases, but there are other factors that can increase your risks of suffering from these illnesses.
These include being overweight, being inactive, eating unhealthily, smoking, drinking too much alcohol alongside having high blood pressure and cholesterol. Everyone is at risk of developing these conditions and having one increases the risk of you getting another in the future and by having your FREE NHS Health Check, you can nip certain conditions in the bud and prevent yourself from developing any in the future.

What does a Health Check involve? 

The NHS Health Check is available to all adults in Staffordshire aged between 50 and 74. It only takes around 20 or 30 minutes and it will involve answering certain questions, having your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked, as well as recording your height, weight, age, sex and ethnicity.

 What Happens Next?

You’ll be given personalised advice on how best to stay healthy and reduce your risks and taken through precisely what your results may mean and you may be asked to return at a later date.
If you have slightly raised blood pressure then you may have to have your kidneys tested via a further blood test, while another test may be required to check
for type 2 diabetes.
As a result of your Health Check, you may be prescribed treatment or medication to help maintain your health.

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