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Loneliness Week 2019

Do you sometimes feel lonely?

Loneliness Week 2019

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Do you sometimes feel lonely? Even in the midst of our busy lives, we can find ourselves feeling detached. For some of you who are less mobile, or are new to an area, loneliness can be more common.

A recent YouGov research project revealed that a huge 74% of people said when they felt lonely; they didn’t tell anyone despite most having someone they could count on. The findings were that not wanting to burden others is the main barrier to people talking about their feelings of loneliness.

It can be hard to manage the effects that loneliness has. It can be time consuming and mentally draining when someone is lonely. It can feel like it’s not our responsibility to look after them in that way, we have a job to do; however if someone shares that they are lonely, or if you begin the conversation when you suspect someone is lonely, we can encourage others to seek out the appropriate support for themselves.

At Trent & Dove, our mission it so “Transform Homes, Lives and Neighbourhoods.” We have some invaluable initiatives around our local areas that really help to transform our properties to homes and our neighbourhoods to communities. Let’s begin the conversation by sharing the great projects that we have available:

  • Wishes for Winshill Community Café

    Our Wishes for Winshill Cafe is a  “Place of Welcome”  with low cost food and a range of activities to benefit all ages, as well as providing an opportunity to meet people in the local area.

    Hawfield Lane, Winshill, Burton-on-Trent DE15 0BY

    Opening Hours;

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9.00am to 12 noon.

    Thursday evening youth activities 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

    Thursday 9.00 – 11.00 Place of Welcome Café

  • Horninglow and Eton monthly coffee mornings

    The parish council in its actions to prevent loneliness supports the monthly Horninglow and Eton Coffee drop-in mornings which usually run on the last Monday of the month at Carver Rd Scout Hut Headquarters.

    The next coffee morning drop in is scheduled for Monday 24th June 2019 at 11.00am.

  • Short Street Cafe Community Café

    Our Short Street Café is ready to welcome you in with low cost food and a range of activities to benefit all ages, as well as providing an opportunity to meet people in the local area

    Short Street, Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent DE15 9LT

    Opening times;

    Monday - 9am - 11am

    Tuesday - 9am - 11am

    Wednesday - 9am - 11am

    Thursday - 11am - 1pm (Christians Against Poverty money advice sessions - lunch and coffee)

    Friday - 9am - 11am

  • Visit our Independent Living schemes

    We have a number of local schemes that have their own events and activities and we get a number of visitors attending. 

    Our independent living and extra care schemes are: Chestnut Grange, Burton; Elizabeth Court, Winshill, Dove Court, Horninglow and Highwood Court, Uttoxeter.

    Some of the activities that take place weekly include; an Age UK quiz with toast and bingo, lunches and a bingo club.  

  • Warwick Street Community Allotment

    Featuring raised beds, cultivated by volunteers, the produce is used to provide low cost vegetable bags for sale in the community or for donation to local food banks.

    If you can pickle, plant or make tea, you are welcome.

  • Kingfisher Project Fun Days

    Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for more information on these events in the Summer.

  • Trent & Dove Resident’s Associations

    These sessions are your opportunity to have a say on how Trent & Dove operate.

    For more information on these, please click here

  • Action for Loneliness

    There’s a lunch club twice a month and other outings based at the Carver Road Scout Hut.

    Other suggestions include the Library Café, volunteering at Burton Hospital, visiting Meadowside Leisure Centre and Art Class at the Town Hall Friday Lunchtimes.

    Many of the activities listed above are delivered by volunteers. If you do not find something that interests you, or you have an activity idea, please contact us and send in your suggestions so we can improve the suggested activity list

For further information, please follow the link below:

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