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Rural Housing Week 2019, Ruth's Story

Rural Housing Week 2019, Ruth's Story

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Trent & Dove Install Gas Central Heating at Retirement Homes 

Trent & Dove installed Gas Central Heating to properties in Branston and Yoxall, last summer, after a recent survey discovered the properties had no gas supply since they were constructed in the 1960’s.

Residents of Palmer Close, Branston and Reeve End, Yoxall were approached by our Gas Contract Supervisor last year to give them the option of moving from electricity to gas.

Checks were carried out to discover if there was a live gas supply near to the properties and after an extensive search, which included a temporary road closure, it was discovered that gas could be supplied. Each resident was fully consulted throughout the process by Trent & Dove and our approved contractor J Tomlinson and were given the opportunity to choose where they would like their new radiators to be fitted. They were also provided with decorating vouchers after the heating installation was installed, in case of any upheaval.

The bungalows were originally fitted with old fashioned electrical storage heaters. However, these were expensive to run and residents found it difficult to control their heating.

Ruth Spalding of Palmer Close said “I am so much warmer and so glad that I had it done, I wouldn’t have coped otherwise. One storage heater was only half working and the one in the kitchen didn’t work at all. I am so pleased, it is so useful. You put your thermostat on and then you don’t have to worry when you go out. With the storage heaters it was hot in the day but it had all gone in the evening. I can now go out and back in again and the house is warm within 10 minutes. Before, I had to wrap a blanket around me whilst I was sitting in the living room, it was that cold."

Ruth also confirmed that she has seen a decrease in her monthly electricity allowance due to the switch and that her utility bills had gone down by around £30 a month. Ruth helped her elderly neighbours liaise with their energy companies to make sure they were on the correct tariff.

Trent & Dove are pleased that the residents are much warmer and cosier in their homes, however due to the glorious weather we are experiencing at the moment we are sure that they won’t be switching their heating on anytime soon!

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