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Tenancy Services Guide to Social Distancing

Keeping our residents safe is our number one priority...

Tenancy Services Guide to Social Distancing

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In light of the latest Government announcement regarding the updated social distancing measures, our Tenancy Services team wish to remind you of the following:

Stay Alert

The Government guidance is still stay home as much as possible, limit contact with other people and keep 2 meters distance if you do go out.

We kindly ask residents to adhere to all the Government guidance and ensure that you are mindful of maintaining social distancing. Social gatherings are still not permitted.

Control the virus

By staying alert and following the guidance, residents can support the Government to control the spread of the virus. Residents are encouraged to stay safe and take precautions when leaving their homes and taking part in exercise. By ensuring that your household only permits essential visitors (carers, food deliveries) you are in control of your visitors, maintaining a safer environment for you and your family.

Save Lives

Maintaining social distancing and sticking to the guidance will give us all the best chance to save lives.

Our Tenancy Services team have worked with residents to provide advice and guidance on adhering to the Government guidelines. In cases where significant risk is posed to others, our Housing Officers have taken action to enforce our tenancy conditions to protect residents from anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance and large gatherings. We will continue to do this throughout this period to ensure the safety and comfort of all our residents.

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