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Trent & Dove appoint PH Jones as your new gas maintenance contractor

From 4th October you will receive your gas service from our new contractor...

Trent & Dove appoint PH Jones as your new gas maintenance contractor

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Meet our new gas servicing an maintenance contractor.

PH Jones are responsible for completing your annual gas service check and boiler and heating repairs.

Our existing contract with J. Tomlinson came to an end on 03/10/21. After a rigorous selection process involving our compliance team and resident representatives, PH Jones, who are part of the British Gas family, were chosen as our future partner who we feel will provide the high-quality service that customers have become accustomed to.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank J.Tomlinson for their great service over the past 12 years and support with our social value activities, not least being the main sponsor of our Impact in the Community Awards.

We will ensure that the change is smooth and seamless, but you will see new vans and uniforms identifying PH Jones as the provider, although the engineers’ faces may seem familiar as some have transferred to the new contract. You will still need to call us on 01283 528528 and select “option 1 for gas” to report any issues with your heating systems or for any gas-related repairs.

It is important that you let PH Jones into your home for your annual gas safety check. This is a  requirement of your tenancy agreement, but also ensures that your home is safe and meets current health & safety standards. As a non-profit organisation, missed appointments mean less money and time for other repairs, so please do let us in when agreed.

For more information on PH Jones, please visit their website:

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