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Trent & Dove Garage Sites

Trent & Dove Garage Sites

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A recent survey has been carried out to review the sustainability of several Trent & Dove Garage sites.

The survey has revealed that the condition of the garages make them uneconomical to repair; in addition to them potentially having some health and safety risks if appropriate action was not taken. Therefore a decision has been made to secure / demolish the garages, and remove them from the site.

The majority of the identified garages below will be demolished and the cleared sites will either be landscaped, secured with perimeter fencing or used for interim parking.

The following garages are scheduled to be demolished;

  • Rowton Street
  • Northfield Road
  • Pinewood Road
  • Sycamore Road
  • Yew Tree Crescent
  • Swan Lane
  • Elizabeth Avenue
  • Dunedin Crescent
  • Vancouver Drive
  • Elton Close
  • The Blythe
  • Cotswold Road
  • Byrds Lane
  • Grange Road (Princess Road)
  • Cheadle Road

We have adopted a flexible approach with consideration to the area and have retained some interim parking where possible to do so on the following sites;

  • Sycamore Road
  • Dunedin Crescent
  • Lightfoot Road (one site)
  • Cheadle Road

The three sites below will be fenced off and secured but the garages will not be demolished;

  • Lightfoot Road
  • Palmer Close
  • St Andrews Drive

All legal issues relating to the sites are being managed by our legal department, and occasionally delays can occur due to circumstances beyond our control.  

We hope to try and complete the demolition and removal of the garages by 31st March 2018. Once the works start at a particular garage site, they may be completed within a matter of days, depending on the number of garages and the construction materials used.

We thank you all for your kind cooperation and understanding with this matter and if you wish to find out any further information please send us an email to




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