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Trent & Dove serve injunctions in Uttoxeter

Trent & Dove serve injunctions in Uttoxeter

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Three youths and two adults have been served with injunctions after neighbours in Uttoxeter had to endure a series of anti-social behaviour incidents.

Trent & Dove Housing worked closely with Staffordshire Police and various other local partners to alleviate the issues happening in the local area.

The injunctions were granted by the North Staffordshire Justice Centre on 12th July 2018.

The Tenancy Enforcement Officer of Trent & Dove Housing said “We have been pleased to work with other partners and residents in resolving and alleviating some of the issues caused by this group. We have taken a robust approach to this and will continue to work in the area with our partner agencies to ensure the orders are adhered to. We would urge residents to report any anti-social behaviour perpetrated by our customers to us so that Uttoxeter can remain the lovely town that it is.”

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