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Young People of Burton Celebrate Completing the Princes Trust Programme at Trent & Dove Housing

Young People of Burton Celebrate Completing the Princes Trust Programme at Trent & Dove Housing

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A group of young people, not in education, employment or training, celebrated successfully completing a Prince’s Trust employability programme at a special presentation evening, hosted at Trent & Dove Housing.

The eight people, aged between 16 and 25, took part in a 12-week personal development programme run by The Prince’s Trust. It is designed to help young people gain skills, provide work experience and deliver self-belief, as well as achieve a nationally-recognised qualification.

The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity, helping to change young lives and last year alone helped 40,000 young people. Their focus is on young people who have low basic skills, are unemployed or just leaving care.

The presentation evening was an opportunity for the group to give individual presentations on the highlights of their project to family, friends, volunteers and local businesses, and talk through their own personal journeys. They also received The Prince’s Trust Certificate in Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills.

As part of the programme the group completed a residential week at Kibblestone International Scout Camp in Stone, to build team morale and trust. Members of the team also took part in community projects and work placements over the 12 weeks at various local business including; Trent & Dove Housing, CEVA Logistics and Leonard Cheshire Disability.  The Burton 381 team also volunteered with the Kingfisher Project. This involved taking out old beds to replace with fresh wood and refilled with 10 tonne of soil, creating a disabled access bed with a new patio and concrete ramp, redesigning art boards and fence panels and general cleaning of the garden area.

Mollie Johnstone, 19, dreams of one day becoming a journalist and took part in work placements with the Trent & Dove Communications & Marketing team and Burton TV. Mollie learnt many new skills including; presenting; updating social media and she wrote a press release that was published on the Trent & Dove website and in their company newsletter.

Mollie commented:

“Starting this course was incredibly daunting for me, not being from the area and not knowing anybody. So I was left thinking why? My main why was well what do I actually have to lose? I guess it was a mixture of building some new relationships and for my own personal development.

For me, this is incredibly influential and I truly believe that your life needs to be infused with action to progress. Failure seems to have been a reoccurring affair in my life but one thing that keeps me going is … well will it ever overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough?

I now believe in myself and I know my capability. It really did all start with the Prince’s Trust. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to prove not just to myself but to everybody what I am really capable of. My dream of journalism really isn’t that difficult after all.

One of the main reasons I carried on with the course was to help all of my team and inspire them as well as myself. This was a key part of my own personal development and I feel I have definitely been able to help others within the team. To look at me before the programme, I was a totally different person. It was all negativity and no hope for the future, but now, I like to think I am the total opposite. My life truly has been turned around since the beginning of the programme and I couldn’t be more appreciative to the whole team and leaders who have provided the individual support during the whole process, it really has been a blessing.”

The evening also included talks from Shev Lambert, Princes Trust Team Leader, Bruce Royal, Prince’s Trust West Midlands Operations Manager and Mark Lewis, Chair of Trent & Dove.

Mark commented:

“I was absolutely delighted that Trent & Dove Housing were chosen to host the Prince’s Trust presentation and awards ceremony for the members of “Team 381.” There was a huge amount of emotion in the room as I presented the educational qualification certificates to the eight members of the team and the entire audience were completely blown away by the progress that each of them had made by overcoming personal issues, coping with ill health, growing self confidence and learning new skills to take forward into their personal and working lives.

To show my gratitude to these inspirational young people further I have personally agreed to sponsor quarterly lunches for Team 381 (in our Community Cafe’s) to enable the individual team members to keep in touch, share best practice, discuss their issues and help each other to overcome any bumps in the road.”

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