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Independent Customer Committee Members

We're looking for people with strong local connections and expertise in customer experience, insight or engagement.

Our vision is to build a vibrant, valued, supportive group of people who are all passionate about improving their area and homes. Improving things for themselves and others. As part of our new Customer Committee, we are looking for two Independent Customer Committee Members.

Independent Customer Committee Members

Independent Customer Committee members will be skilled individuals who are perhaps one of Trent & Dove’s partners and stakeholders in the local community, or employers or businesses which operate in the areas where Trent & Dove operates. We're looking for Independent members who can contribute their insight into the communities served by Trent & Dove or their specialist expertise in customer experience, engagement or insight. Their role on the Committee will be to provide independent advice and support to their fellow committee members as well as contributing to the Committee’s work.

The new Customer Committee will report directly to the Board, focusing on our role as a housing provider and on our community investment activity. With your help, the committee will make sure that Trent & Dove’s customers’ views are listened to and acted upon. You will help shape and monitor our work as we transform homes, lives, and communities.

For more information on the Customer Committee Members and the tasks they will undertake, please see the role profile here.

Customer Voice from good to great

Involving and empowering residents is noting new for Trent & Dove. Right from when we were founded in 2001, customers have helped to set strategy, guide decisions and improve the homes and services we provide. Whilst the groups and structures we've put in place have achieved some great things we've worked hard to ensure that our new Customer Voice strategy enables our customer voices to be heard Louder & Stonger.

More Information

For a history of our customer involvement, the new Louder & Stonger approach and important please visit our Louder & Stronger pages which can be accessed by clicking here or by using the links to key information and documents below.

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