Neighbourhoods & Communities


Working Together

With over 5,700 homes across the region, we believe we should play an active role within our communities. Not just for the benefit of our customers but for our near neighbours too.

Adding Value

Whilst our primary focus is providing high quality, affordable homes to those who need them most, we are also involved in a variety of projects which add real social value to neighbourhoods.

From creating community gardens to running job clubs in areas of high unemployement, we are helping communities to thrive.

Tackling Issues

Nuisance noise caused by loud music and barking dogs, litter strewn streets, threatening behaviour and unruly gardens can all cause friction between neighbours. We pride ourselves on tackling issues like these head on.

By working with partners such as East Staffordshire Borough Council, the Police and Fire Service, we are combating antisocial behaviour across our patch. Find out more...

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