Firstcall 24/7

Help is always at hand

There when you need us

Firstcall 24/7 provide on-call emergency assistance for elderly, vulnerable and disabled people within East Staffordshire. 

Our firstCall 24/7 service offers the elderly, vulnerable or disabled people the reassurance that emergency assistance is at hand, without any loss of independence. This is achieved through Telecare, a continuous, automatic and remote system of monitoring real time emergencies and lifestyle changes, in order to manage the risks associated with independent living. All that is required is a working telephone connection and an electric socket.

Who is it for?

The service is available to all residents within East Staffordshire and provides a support network that is ideal for those who live alone, suffer from a medical condition or feel vulnerable.

Everyone using the system receives a monthly visit to check on their well being and test the equipment.

Potential Telecare clients will be assessed by a member of the firstCall team, a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist. Advice will be given as to what equipment should be installed and an agreed Telecare plan will be started.

When can I use it?

The alarm can be used any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.In an emergency, help & support is available at the touch of a button.

Just seconds after pressing your alarm button or pendant, the firstCall TwentyFour/seven staff will know who you are, where you live and any special medical needs that you may have. if it’s a medical emergency or you have fallen, a member of the mobile response team can be with you in minutes.

How can I find out more?

If you would like peace of mind for yourself or your relatives please call 01283 528529 for more information.

We provide a free home demonstration for anyone who is interested in our Firstcall Service, working with our clients to live independently, without the worry.

Remember, our clients are never tied into a contract - so you can choose how long to keep the service

FirstCall In Action

After a fall which saw Fred hospitalised, he reluctantly agreed to have the FirstCall alarm installed as a condition of returning home, giving Fred’s daughter reassurance that help could be sought at any time of day and night.

After a few months, Fred’s health deteriorated and he was experiencing more falls.  The Control Centre referred Fred to the Adult Ability Falls Team, who amongst other things reviewed Fred’s medication.  It seemed that Fred was not taking his medication for Parkinson’s at regular intervals, which was increasing the likelihood of falls.  To remedy this, an automatic pill dispenser was installed.  At set times, the dispenser gives off an alarm bell and if Fred does not take the tablets, alert’s the FirstCall Control Centre who can then prompt Fred to take his medication.

Fred is managing his Parkinson’s a lot better now.  He does still have a few falls, but less than previously.  When asked about the various Telecare technologies which had gradually been introduced, Fred commented that he wouldn’t be without them.  He had feared that he would have to go into a Care Home, but with the support of Telecare and FirstCall has remained in his own home for a number of years longer.  Fred’s daughter is relieved that help is at hand, every minute of every day.