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Federation of Residents Meetings

Federation Meeting - Thursday 11th March 2020

The Federation held another successful on line meeting with plenty of community topics discussed. Here are some of the key points:

Federation youth fund: The Federation unanimously voted to use the 2020-21 Federation Youth fund to purchase reconditioned tablets and keyboards which have been distributed to schools throughout East Staffordshire. These will be allocated to pupils who do not have access to a tablet or laptop at home and will be a great help to pupils as they blend their home learning with being in school.

Horninglow and Eton Community Mapping: The Federation members were given a presentation which highlighted the key findings from the recent survey with T&D tenants. Look out for the final report along with the neighbourhood plan, both will be published on the Federation Facebook page.

T&D and the environment: There are a number of new initiatives being discussed about how T&D, tenants and communities can all make sustainable changes that can improve our environment. Over the coming months we will share information  about why we think it is important to think about our environment,   ideas about how you can become involved and some of the changes we can all make.

The next Federation meeting is 22nd April at 5pm on Teams. Please get in contact with Annie if you have any ideas for your community  or would like to be involved

Federation Meeting - Thursday 14th December 2020

Plenty was discussed at the meeting including, new project ideas, the Community Mapping project in Horninglow and Eton, Trent & Dove Covid updates and budgets. Here are some of the key points:

Horninglow Learning Centre

John Pollard from Horninglow Learning Centre was this month’s  guest speaker. Horninglow Learning Centre is in the Burton Boxing Club and offers free training and advice in IT skills.  They have computers and printers to use or you can take along your own laptop. When not in lockdown the centre is open to all day Monday and Tuesday mornings. For more information

Think 2

Families who claim certain benefits may be eligible for 15 hours of free child care during term time for children from the age of 2 years. “Think 2” is a fantastic opportunity to help families and children to be ready for the start of school. Trent & Dove are developing a “Think2 Champion” volunteer role to promote Think 2 and support families with their applications. If you have a couple of hours to spare and would like to know more please contact Annie or 01283 528528.

Covid Hero Awards

Trent & Dove, in partnership with Burton Albion Community Trust, are hosting a virtual Covid Hero Awards to recognise and celebrate the work of individuals and communities who have gone above and beyond to help others during the Covid Pandemic. For further information and to make your nominations please use this link.

 The next Federation meeting is 11th February. Please get in contact with Annie if you  have any questions or would like to be involved

Federation Meeting - Thursday 5th November 2020

The Federation successfully held another virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams. 

There were two main agenda items, please find the information below: 

Federation Grants

During the September 2020 Federation meeting a grant was awarded to the Globe Foundation to support their move into their new premises in the Old Mill, Uttoxeter. Kate Copeland gave a virtual tour to show how the grant had been used and gave an update on their move and their plans for the future.

The Federation also awarded a grant to the Child Safety Education Foundation to expand their delivery of a bespoke education programme. The Will Power Programme and Respect Your Life Programme will now be delivered in 7 junior schools across Burton. 

Services and updates

Employees from other teams across Trent & Dove were invited to the meeting to share information and updates about;

  • The new Federation logo (watch this space!)
  • Relaunch of Streetwise, the Trent & Dove quarterly newsletter
  • Trent & Dove employment support service which offers tenants and their household members support with training and volunteering opportunities, CV writing and job applications. For more information about the employment support service please contact Jade Stevens on 

Please get in contact with if you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to make to the Federation. 

Date of next virtual meeting 3rd December 5pm

Federation Meeting - Thursday 8th October 2020

The Federation successfully held another virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams. 

There were 3 main agenda items;

Guest Speakers

We had 2 guest speakers at the meeting. Firstly Louise Gealy, Tenancy Services Manager, gave an update about the new Housing Officers and their patches and secondly Jasper South explained his interim management role covering Ally Stavrianakos’ maternity leave.

Federation grant bid

The Federation unanimously voted to support the work of the Children Safety Education Foundation and awarded a grant of £2,850 to deliver 2 bespoke programmes called the Will Power Programme and the Respect Your Life Programme.

The schools that will benefit from this programme are:

  1. Winshill Primary School
  2. Richard Wakefield Primary School
  3. Anglesey Primary School
  4. Horninglow Primary School, Burton on Trent
  5. Eton Park Primary School, Burton on Trent


Morrisons have generously offered 15% off the cost of the groceries for the Christmas food parcels. In addition Morrisons will make up and pack each Christmas food parcel reusing cardboard vegetable boxes rather than plastic bags.  The food boxes contain a selection of meals, some Christmas treats and household items and will be distributed to vulnerable tenants and families just before Christmas.

Please get in contact with is you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to make to the Federation.
The next Federation meeting is Thursday 5th November 2020 on Microsoft Teams. 

Federation Meeting - Thursday 10th September 2020

The Federation last met for their Annual General Meeting in the Trent & Dove boardroom back in March just before the lock down started. Last Thursday, using Microsoft Teams, the Federation members met virtually from the comfort of their own homes and successfully demonstrated that they can continue to represent their local residents during the pandemic.

There were two main agenda items;

  • The Globe Foundation submitted a bid to the Federation for help towards their refurbishment costs of their new premises in The Old Mill Building, Uttoxeter. The Globe Foundation was set up in 2018 to protect and enhance the natural world by reducing the impact of modern living. The Federation unanimously voted to support the bid and awarded a £5,000 grant. To find out more about the Globe Foundation, please click here. Kate Copeland, director of the Globe Foundation will be invited to the next Federation meeting to give an update on their project move and refurbishment.
  • Christmas! Yes although we are still in September the Federation discussed plans the plans this year for Christmas. Last year Trent & Dove delivered more than 140 Christmas food parcels to vulnerable people in our community. This year Trent & Dove are anticipating a greater need for these and the Federation have kindly agreed to donate £1,000 towards this much needed project.

 The next meeting of the Federation meeting will be held on Thursday 8th October on Microsoft Teams.


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