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Grants for Community Funding

Got a great idea for a community project?
Then maybe we can help!

Got a Great Idea for a Community Project?

Then maybe we can help!

As part of our commitment to Transform Homes, Lives and Neighbourhoods in our region, we are offering small grants which our residents can apply for in support of any fundraising that they are involved with which will be of benefit to the community or to individuals.


The grant scheme will be open to all residents who keep to the terms of their tenancy agreement, for example:

  • Rent accounts should be clear, or for accounts in arrears regular agreed reductions received over a period of at least 12 weeks.
  • Properties and gardens should be kept to a reasonable standard.
  • No members of the household should cause nuisance or anti-social behaviour.

Making an application

When a resident has requested an application form they will first be assessed for eligibility along the terms listed above. If they are found to be ineligible to apply, they will be advised in writing, giving details of the action they need to take to become eligible.

Application forms need to be completed giving as much information as possible about the person applying, the purpose of their application, who will benefit from the project/activity, and the amount of grant applied for.

Grants are available in support of fundraising that will be of benefit to the community or to individuals, e.g.:

  • Schools that are in need of funds for learning materials or equipment.
  • Brownie or Scout groups.
  • Small local charity or voluntary groups.
  • Attendance at sporting or other events that will benefit individuals/teams or community groups.

Grants will be available up to a maximum of £500 per application.

Trent & Dove Housing will verify the information given in application forms. It is therefore important that all contact details for persons responsible for projects or activities are given.

Evidence that the grant has enabled a project or individual aim to be achieved will be requested 6 months after a donation has been given.

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