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Rent Free Weeks Explained

Rents can be charged over 48 or 52 weeks, this depends on your tenancy agreement.

Most of the homes we manage have their rent calculated over 48 weeks, rather than 52. If your tenancy agreement allows rent free weeks, there are 4 weeks in the year where rent is not charged to your account. These are often referred to as "Rent Free" weeks and are split into two, two-week periods: one at the end of March/April and one in December. Depending on the balance of your rent account, you may still have to pay during these weeks.

If your rent is calculated over 52 weeks, you will not be entitled to rent free weeks.

How often you pay changes what you need to do

If you pay your rent weekly by cash or debit or credit card, these are usually two weeks at Christmas and New Year and at the end of March. For this year's dates, click here.

If you pay your rent weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly by Direct Debit or Standing Order, you still get 4 charge free weeks in the year, however, your payments will not be adjusted unless requested in advance. If you have paid over the rent free weeks and meet the criteria, we can arrange a refund if you contact us.

If you pay your rent monthly, your rent free weeks have already been accounted for in our calculations so you will be expected to pay the same amount each month. Your monthly rent is calculated as follows: weekly rent times 48 divided by 12 = monthly rent.

If you have missed rent payments, you will be asked to continue paying any agreement to repay the amount owed over the charge free weeks.

If your rent account is clear

If you are up-to-date with your rent payments, this means you can treat these weeks as "rent free" and you can choose not to pay during them.

If you owe rent or are behind on payments

If you are in arrears with your rent you must make payments during these weeks. As there is no rent debit, everything you pay will be taken fully from the amount you owe.

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