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Repairs your responsibility

We'd like to be clear about what repairs and maintenance you are responsible for as the tenant.

In some cases, we are obliged to carry out works that are your responsibility whether or not you have asked us to, in order to protect our property or restore essential services. Where this is the case you will be recharged with the cost of the works.

You are responsible for minor maintenance and replacement including (but not limited to):

  • Glass and glazing.
  • Blocked gully and sinks.
  • Changing of locks for lost keys.
  • Internal painting and decorating.
  • Household sheds.
  • Replacing bath plugs and chains to baths and sinks.
  • Cupboard handles.
  • Hat and coat racks.
  • Routine sweeping of chimney.
  • Lean-to structures e.g. conservatories/porches.
  • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes/starters and fuses within the home.
  • Maintenance or replacement of any item installed by yourself or the previous occupier (if you move in on a transfer/mutual exchange basis.)
  • Plumbing or fitting of appliances – washing machine, cooker, tap washers or inserts.
  • Replacing bathroom fittings such as toilet roll holders and WC seat.
  • Environmental treatment for wasps, ants nests, vermin, beetle or flea infestation.
  • Pipe insulation.
  • Routine ignition of boiler pilot lights.
  • Bleeding of radiators.
  • Fire grates and baskets.
  • Any item installed by yourself.
  • Maintenance or replacement of fencing along the boundaries of your property, including fences between individual properties.

This list is not exhaustive. If in doubt, please contact us or call the Repairs Team on 01283 528528 for further clarification.

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