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Welcome to our Customer Advocates

What is a Customer Advocate? 

A Customer Advocate is an involved resident that has received formal training from Trent & Dove, their role is to listen and support a customer and guide them through the complaints process. 

Who are they?

We have 5 residents on the Customer Advocate Team, they have created a leaflet to explain their services, which can be found here or you can ring 07767100789 and leave a message for someone to call you back.

Let’s meet 2 of the team!

Hello, my name is Sarah. I have been a Trent & Dove resident since August 2013. I am 57 years old and work at the Queens hospital in Burton upon Trent.

Hello, my name is Michael. My wife and I are living in a Trent & Dove Bungalow since 2017. I am 82 years young! Following a 5 year printing apprenticeship I did 2 years National Service in the Armoured Corps. I had a few jobs before partaking in the motor trade for a lot of years. 5 years as a Court Usher in the Birmingham Magistrate Courts was next, fascinating! I managed to retire at 58 becoming a voluntary driver to fill my days. We spent over 21 years living in 70 foot narrow-boat. 6 months nomadic and 6 winter months in Barton Marina. We loved it all!

Making a complaint might feel overwhelming to some customers, and this is where our Customer Advocate Team fit in.

They provide a “buddy” service to support any customer that has a niggle or complaint that might progress to a formal complaint. 

It is important to note that customers are encouraged to seek support from a Customer Advocate, at any stage, even before a formal complaint has been made. A Customer Advocate will support someone, during and even following the result of the complaint. 

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