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Installing Ground Source Heatpumps

When we make a promise...

From the moment we transferred East Stafforshire Borough Council's housing stock into our name , we promised tenants that they could look forward to living well maintaining properties which they would be proud to call their home

And that's a promise we have stuck to.

Over the last 12 years we have invested heavily in our housing stock ensuring all properties meet the 'decent homes' standard with many, many more exceeding it. From roofing programmes to external wall insulation, we are constantly looking at how we can make our homes better to live in.

Making Homes Safer

Everyone deserves to feel a sense of safety and security in their own home.

Over the last 12 months we have invested £50,000 in secure door entry systems in many of our communal blocks with further investment scheduled for the next 12 months.

We have also spent £450,000 on fencing renewals and repairs around Stapenhill, improving not only the general appearance of the area but the safety of our customers gardens, too.

Reliable and efficient LED lighting is a welcome addition to many of our communal areas in flats and apartments across Burton. Offering better light quality at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting, these brilliant bulbs are playing their part in delivering a more sustainable model for our homes and developments.


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